U8’s in NEDOC

Parents are reminded they must have applied for and have received a GP Visit Card for children under 6 in order to avail of free GP care in NEDOC. Children under 8 are NOT automatically eligible for free GP care.

Children who are brought into NEDOC and who do not have a card will be charged a consultation fee.  Even in circumstances where a parent has applied for the card, but has not yet received it, the HSE will not cover the cost of that GP visit, and parents will be charged a fee.

Parents/guardians of infants under 3 months of age can initially register for an U8 GP visit card by leaving the section with PPS number blank and the HSE will write separately to get the PPS number from parents.  This will ensure that parents get the card for their child who will then be eligible for free GP care with their own GP and NEDOC.

Click on this link for an application form:


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