NEDOC at Christmas

The NEDOC service managed over 5,300 calls to the service from Friday 21st December until Wednesday 2nd January.  Of these calls, over 3,500 patients (68%) were seen in one of our four treatment centres, and a further 1,340 (25%) received nurse advice.  240 patients were seen at home and 155 patients received advice from the duty doctor.

While the number of calls was down from 2017 rates of over 6,000 patient contacts, the number of patients seen by GPs on duty in the service was virtually the same at 3,600.

There are over 200 local daytime GPs participating in the NEDOC service  who were working in their own surgeries during the Christmas season, and who were also working in the NEDOC service.  Local GPs commit to an increased roster at Christmas/New Year in order to meet an anticipated demand from patients who are unwell during this time and to minimise their waiting times.

Of the 5,300 calls to NEDOC, the service managed 85% of those calls solely through the NEDOC service, with only 15% (+750 patients) requiring to be referred onto the Emergency Departments in the region.  This low referral rate to ED, reflects the trend for NEDOC which generally manages 85%-88% of all calls within NEDOC and has a record of only referring 15-18% of patients who contact the service.

The NEDOC service resumes normal service and is contactable each evening after surgeries close from 6pm, and for 24 hours at weekends.  Please contact the service on 1850 777 911.

Patients are asked not to walk into a centre without first ringing the service as you will have to wait to be assess before an appointment may be offered to you later on the day or evening.  Patients who have already contacted the service and have an appointment will receive priority.

For information on managing common illness such as coughs, colds, virus, temperatures visit





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