DOC centre temporarily moves to Dunshaughlin

The Meath NEDOC centre has moved from Navan to Dunshaughlin on a temporary basis. It is intended to return to Navan in March 2020.

The new temporary centre is based in the Dunshaughlin Healthcare Unit (EirCode A85 WD91)which is on the main street beside the primary school and opposite the cemetery. The healthcare unit has railings outside and is recognisable by the horse and trap inside the railings. Drive in through the gate and follow the driveway to the car park in front of the red brick building.

We have moved temporarily to Dunshaughlin as the old treatment centre was housed in a 20-year old port-a-cabin which was simply not fit for the clinical care of our patients, particularly during the winter period. It is intended to return to Navan in March 2020 to a new premises more fit for purpose.

Patients who contact NEDOC on 1850 777 911 and who are given an appointment that would usually be in Navan should instead go to the Health Care Unit in Dunshaughlin which is based on the Main St. of Dunshaughlin, beside St Seachnalls primary school – Eircode A85 WD91.

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